Dujovski: The purpose of false bomb threats in schools is to create fear and panic among the population


The dean of the Faculty of Security Professor Nikola Dujovski said Thursday that the purpose of false bomb threats in secondary schools is to create fear and panic among the population and that the schools are not chosen by chance. This, Dujovski adds, is a textbook example on how to make a hybrid threat.

“This trend started several months ago, first in Serbia, Belgrade, Novi Sad, then Sarajevo. Here it is now with us. Yes, it is a part of threats that for the time being remain only in the phase of wrongly sent messages, but the police have responsibilities and it is good that they act in that way. Children and teachers and everyone present in the schools must be immediately evacuated and taken to safety and the police investigate any reports of a bomb or any threat. The Ministry of the Interior is building the capacities to be able to respond to such threats, intercept such messages, analyze them and simply prevent them,” Professor Dujovski told the morning program of the Macedonian Television.

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