M-NAV CEO earns MKD 345,000 per month, in one term earns as much as any other citizen in 76 years


Fahrudin Hamidi, president of the Management Board and Executive Director in SVN in M ​​NAV, appointed by the Government, is paid 345,000 denars per month. For one year it is 4,140,000 denars, and for a mandate of 4 years 16,560,000 denars. If this amount is divided by 18,000 denars, which is the average salary, we get 920, that is the number of months, which is equal to 76 years, which are needed to earn that amount of money with minimum salary. In one term, Hamidi, from the top position of M NAV, will leave with money for which the largest number of citizens will have to work for 76 years.

That is, the largest number of the people in Macedonia, in their lifetime will not be able to earn the money that the first person of M NAV appointed by the government will take for a 4-year term, said Ivica Tomovski, member of the VMRO –DPMNE Central Committee at a press conference on Monday and pointed out that from today they will begin to publicize facts from the “Parasites” scandal, through which they will explain how certain officials appointed by the government live in luxury while the people suffer.

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