If the EBRD law was passed in Parliament, it would’ve meant shutdown of the Oslomej and Bitola thermal power plants, says Stojanoski


In the “24 Analysis” political show on TV 24, MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Bojan Stojanoski pointed out that if the EBRD law is passed, then the existing thermal power plants Oslomej and Bitola will be decommissioned.
“From the perspective of the EBRD loan, the last part indicates that the existing Oslomej coal-fired thermal power plant will be deactivated by 12.31.2023 and Bitola thermal power plant by December 31, 2027. If the Parliament voted the proposed text like this, then the obligations would have been assumed and we would have had to close this,” said Stojanoski.
Stojanoski pointed out that the Government failed to do an investment disclosure of coal in Oslomej TPP.

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