Purchase of tobacco begins – annual harvest adds up to over 25,000 tons


The purchase of tobacco from the year’s harvest has begun. Four purchasing companies out of the 10 registered in the country have opened their points. This year’s harvest is agreed at over 25,000 tons, but it is expected to be smaller.

The tobacco farmers are on the scales and say that the assessment is realistic, but the prices do not cover the costs despite the fact that they have increased by 20 percent.

“Today I delivered 230 kilos of tobacco, from all harvests. I am satisfied with the appraisal, but I am not satisfied with the purchase price by classes. According to the costs, invested effort and knowledge, the average should not be below 400 denars per kilogram. The quantities of tobacco have decreased this year. Mainly, it is because of the price, it is not profitable for young people to work, the hired workers are pensioners and if the price does not improve, the trend of reducing production will continue,” said ZvonkoRisteski, a tobacco farmer from Prilep.

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