Bulgaria has an ace up its sleeve in our politics and that’s Kovachevski, says Mickoski


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski opened the topic of Vancho Mihailov and Bulgaria before the VMRO-DPMNE Youth Forces Union (UMS).

“They have a guilty conscience because of the betrayals and humiliating decisions they made, so they have to use lies, insinuations, adding things that I didn’t say on this topic in order to falsely show that VMRO-DPMNE nurtures some kind of relationship with the character whose the association that they allowed to open in the city of the consuls in Bitola is also named after him. It is an indisputable historical fact that Vancho Mihailov was in a certain historical context the first person of the Organization, just as it is true that I have never agreed or justified his views, his method of work and his positions regarding many essential topics. And history is not a platter where you can treat yourself to the things you like and deny the things you don’t,” Mickoski said.

“Bulgarians have an ace up their sleeve in our politics, and that’s Dimitar Kovachevski, who falsely accuses me of being behind the clubs that opened and were allowed under his rule and in his term,” added the opposition leader.

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