ESM will take over the management of the “Skopje-Sever” heating plant, after the users from Chair and Butel were left without heating for days


Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski announced Wednesday that the heating plant “Skopje Sever” and “Electrani na Severna Macedonia” (ESM) are concluding negotiations today and will sign an agreement for business and technical cooperation, with which ESM will take over the management of the heating plant and the heating of its users.

The management of the “Sever” heating plant is in a meeting today at 1:00 p.m. in AD ESM where they have to finish the negotiations, sign an agreement for business and technical cooperation and ensure warming of the citizens in the municipalities of Chair and Butel, as well as institutions, kindergartens and schools in these municipalities, given that ESM took over the heating of that part as well, Kovachevski said.

Due to the lack of energy, the heating plant “Skopje-Sever” was not working in the past few days and the facilities connected to the system, households, educational and health facilities, were left without any heating. Due to the cold radiators, the schools in Chair and Butel municipalities stopped their teaching process.

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