Stoilkovski: Danela Arsovska and SDS are in a coalition, Kovachevski confirmed that they also had a meeting, the fruit of the coalition is the JSP director, a SDS member


Danela Arsovska and SDS are in a coalition, Kovachevski confirmed it himself that they have held meetings, the fruit of the coalition is the director of the public transport enterprise JSP, a member of SDS. Dimitar Kovachevski publicly admitted that he had meetings with Danela Arsovska. And this can be seen in the personnel policies of the mayor of Skopje, who appoints people from SDS as her first employees, said the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE Naum Stoilkovski on Saturday.
“Aleksandar Stojkovski, the director of the JSP appointed by Danela Arsovska, is a member of the ruling SDS. The common interest of such a coalition is tenders and contracts in 4 eyes. Why does JSP use more oil than it did with more buses 8 years ago? Why is the government deputy’s company the winner of the million-dollar tender for the procurement of fuel for JSP?
The answers are hidden by the Arsovska-Kovachevski coalition on who are responsible for the chaos. Danela Arsovska is also silent about the debt of the Clinical Center to PE Water Supply and Sewerage. Why is she silent, if they are not in a secret coalition?, asked opposition spokesperson Stoilkovski.

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