Forbes: Ohrid among the five most underrated Balkan cities


The prestigious magazine Forbes published the list of five most underrated Balkan cities, among them is the Macedonian pearl Ohrid.
These are all five cities: Doboj, Ohrid, Nis, Varna and Berat.
If you are thinking of visiting North Macedonia, Ohrid is a must, and according to Forbes, an underrated destination.
“Located in the southwestern part of North Macedonia, Ohrid is one of the few destinations in the world that serves as both a cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its centuries-old Byzantine-style churches and the vast Ohrid Lake with its diverse array of indigenous Balkan fish and plants found in its waters.
While Ohrid’s cultural heritage is certainly fascinating, those looking for a peaceful escape into nature should spend time exploring nearby Galichica National Park, a beautiful preserve teeming with native Balkan birds,” wrote the magazine.

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