Macedonia will not introduce visas for Kosovo, it was a mistake of the EC, claims Osmani


The Republic of North Macedonia will not introduce visas for Kosovo, said the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani, stating that it is a mistake of the European Commission which will be corrected.

“It was a mistake of the European Commission, putting Kosovo on the list of countries with which there should be a visa regime is an omission that was noticed by the European Commission. It has never been passed through the bodies of the EC and it will be revised,” said Osmani.

Osmani pointed out that the trend is not the introduction of visas, yet a different trend, for citizens to be able to cross the border with their ID cards.

“It is completely contradictory to EC policy. Within the framework of the Berlin process, the six member states have just signed an agreement on movement with ID cards in the region, so the trend is opposite to the introduction of visas. Now, not only with Kosovo, with BiH, with Montenegro, with Serbia, we don’t even need to take out a passport, and the goal is for this region to fully enter the framework of the free movement of citizens,” said Osmani.

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