Joveski thinks that Grkovska’s criticisms were an attack against the independence of the Prosecutor’s Office


According to the State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski, the criticisms and personal views of him and the Prosecutor’s Office expressed by Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska represent an attack on the independence and interference in the work of the Prosecutor’s Office, and her disqualification from his candidacy for constitutional judge indicates that in his opinion in the Government there is no need for a Deputy Prime Minister for good governance and governance policies.

Joveski believes that the evaluations of his and the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which were presented by Deputy Prime Minister Grkovska during the interview with TV Telma, are “unfounded, general and incorrect”.

In his written response to the public, the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office points out that the Deputy Prime Minister, with her behavior and expressed views, as a holder of a public office from the executive power, directly interferes in the work of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and threatens its independence.


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