Decision on the constitutional amendments won’t be easy, Kovachevski claims


The screening with the European Union is proceeding as planned, and before us now are the constitutional amendments, which will be before the Macedonian Parliament, it is clear to me that their decision will not be easy, but I expect that they will show statesmanlike behavior, Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski said in an interview with MIA news agency.

“What is clear is that they have a choice to leave things as they are and leave the country in stagnation and uncertainty, but I sincerely believe and am confident that they will be up to the task and make a decision on to provide a better future for us and our children. MPs are, however and above all, representatives of citizens, and citizens want to live in an EU member state. They want us to be a full member. Not only for the sake of membership in particular, but for the sake of a better standard of living, for the sake of a better rule of law, better infrastructure, better services for citizens, for the sake of economic progress, social justice, and the rule of democracy. “Citizens want a better life according to European standards, because they want their children to stay at home and build their future here,” said the PM.


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