Bislimovski: We will know if there will be a new electricity price in two weeks


As of January 1, we will get a new electricity price. What is known now is that VAT will return from 5% to 10%, which means that on this basis alone we will pay for 5% higher bills. However, RKE does not rule out the possibility that electricity will become more expensive because currently the price is “extremely high” on the stock market.

“Let’s see at what price ESM will offer electricity to EVN Home. Currently, that price is 48 euros per megawatt hour and is far lower than the actual price of ESM. Furthermore, we need to see what the costs of electricity losses will be, that is, the price that will be offered at the MEPSO and ESM tenders. When we have the results of these 3 tenders, then the companies will submit requests to RKE and based on the costs they have, we will make an appropriate decision by the end of this month”, said the president of ERC Marko Bislimovski.

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