Minimum expenses per month require EUR 840, for six months the basket is “heavier” by EUR 210


The minimum consumption basket in Macedonia calculated every month by the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia, and according to statistical data, for November is 51,714 denars or 840 euros. It is 12,923 denars “heavier” compared to May of this year. The amount is far higher than the average salary, which for September of this year is MKD 32,553.

Monthly, the largest part of the total value of the basket, according to the calculations of the SSM, is set aside for food – 19,518 denars, 12,983 denars are needed for overhead costs, 3,668 denars are the minimum required for transportation, 2,986 denars for hygiene and 2,250 denars for clothes or shoes. For cultural activities, 1,067 denars remain, and for health services only 799 denars.

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