Lefkov: Two months have passed since we disclosed the “Broilo” scandal, Kovachevski at the center of a USD 26 million affair, the institutions remain silent


Two months have passed since we opened the “Broilo” scandal, and there is still no response from the institutions. Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski was in the middle of this affair through which more than 26 million euros were diverted from the companies Pikcell Group, of which he is the founder, KMG EOL Kvazar, founded by his close friend Goran Paunov, and AE SOLAR AD based in Tetovo. Let’s remember that this whole cartel starts with the SDS coming to power. Kovachevski and Paunov formed the Pikcell Group a few months after Zoran Zaev formed the Government, and soon after that they built an entire factory, said MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee Mile Lefkov on Tuesday.
“During that period, through the Pikcell Group, they receive 443,285 euros from the government and another 70,000 euros through the Innovation Fund. During most of the period when the state pays Pikcell Group money, Kovachevski is the deputy minister of finance. While the largest payment of over 200 thousand euros takes place on December 30, 2021, at a time when Kovachevski is mandated to form a new government. Furthermore, the Broilo scandal also branches out through KMG EOL Kvasar, which, as a company for performing and other services, received tenders from the state in the amount of about 2 million euros for the installation of solar panels, after SDS came to power. Another business of over 2 million euros is the contract concluded between the company of Kovachevski’s best man and friend and EVN for the construction of solar power plants for EVN on a turnkey basis. 4 million euros only in contracts with state institutions, enterprises and companies where the state has an interest in the companies around Kovachevski, and that while he is in office,” said Lefkov.
Lefkov stressed that this whole system had reached its peak after Kovachevski was appointed prime minister.

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