There will be money for student meals, but we don’t know when, says MES


The students complained about the student meal, which should have already been paid, and there is still no decision as to whether their applications have been accepted. They are disappointed and say that the payment of the funds that are necessary for them in this crisis is late and they expect that the amount for their meal will also increase. The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) says that the competition lasted until December 3 and they need more time to review the data for each student.

“Over 31,000 applications have been received. According to the law on subsidized meals, it is checked whether those who applied meet the conditions and for this purpose, the Ministry of Education compares the data with data from the PRO, EARM, PIOM, MoI and all universities. Each student will receive a decision through the system in which they applied, after which the payment of the funds will begin, retroactively starting from September 15,” says the Ministry of Education and Science (MES).



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