Kovachki: Zharko Miloshevski covers up the Onishchenko case with a new commission of his close people because he is directly responsible


Zharko Miloshevski is most responsible for granting Macedonian citizenship to the Russian oligarch Onishchenko, he is the official from the National Security Agency who with his signature approved the positive check sent to the Ministry of Interior, MP ad VMRO-DPMNE EC member Dragan Kovachki pointed out at a press conference on Saturday.

“Instead of suspending Miloshevski and launching an independent investigation into the entire case, he was appointed the director of the National Security Agency (ANB) by Kovachevski, and thus he can influence the investigation.

Zharko Miloshevski didn’t wait long, and after his appointment he started influencing the investigation. The subjects of the investigation were two employees of ANB, but not Miloshevski, as he was the last signatory, and therefore the most responsible.

Zharko Miloshevski disbanded the disciplinary commission that was already working on the case and established a new commission. The new Commission is composed of people close to Zharko Miloshevski. The commission starts an investigation from scratch, but on the old basis.

The formation of a new commission composed of people close to Zharko Miloshevski has only the purpose of covering up the real investigation. Zharko Miloshevski knows that he is directly responsible in the procedure for granting citizenship to Onishchenko, because he approved the positive evaluation, and Viktor Dimovski signed the act that he approved,” Kovachki said.


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