Kasami calls for snap elections by spring to secure voting on constitutional changes


The leader of the Macedonian Albanian political party BESA Bilal Kasami at a press conference on Monday demanded snap parliamentary elections as a compromise to support the constitutional amendments for the inclusion of Bulgarian nationals to the Constitution.

“If the Government’s priority is to change the Constitution and bring the Bulgarians into it as a people, then a compromise must be made for early elections. I think that if there is a will to solve the current problems in terms of economic and energy integration and weak management of institutions, I hope we can agree on constitutional amendments and elections,” Kasami said.

If the Government fails to accept the party’s demand for elections, Kasami announced radicalization.

“We will consider the possibility by spring if the Government does not listen to the problems and come out to face the citizens in snap elections, we will consider together with the other part of the opposition, the Albanian opposition, in the area of ​​organizing protests and any kind of pressure on the government for to hear the voice of the citizens and schedule snap elections as soon as possible,” Kasami said.



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