The authorities don’t do anything about the bomb threats in schools, if they don’t know how they should ask NATO partners for help, says Stojanoska


We did not want to give legitimacy to the Defense and Security Commission, which was agreed in advance to be closed, and was convened at the request of the largest number of deputies from VMRO-DPMNE. Apart from the current events with bomb threats in schools, we were also interested in what is happening with the partisanship in the Ministry of Interior, what is happening with the passports issued to international criminals. We thought that the session should not be closed, because the public has the right to know and the topics should be discussed, said Dafina Stojanoska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE, commenting on why her party did not attend the session of the Defense and Security Commission.
Stojanoska indicated that it is not terrible if they do not have the capacity to respond to bomb threats, but they should ask for help from a strategic partner, as a NATO member.

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