Super expert report on the Laskarci bus accident arrives to the Criminal Court – trial continues on January 24


The expert report from the Bureau of Expertise arrived and it was delivered to the prosecutor and the defendants through their defense attorneys in the Basic Criminal Court Skopje, immediately before today’s hearing on the “Laskarci” case, The trial continues on January 24 with a formal start from the beginning, due to the flow of a longer period of time, after which it will begin with the hearing of the experts who prepared the findings.

Accused in the case of the accident near Laskarci, which happened on February 13, 2019, in which 16 people were killed and over 30 were seriously injured, are Durmish Beluli, the owner of the company “Durmo Tours”, the person responsible for transport in the company, Ramzi Miftari , and the bus driver, Manoil Trifunovski, who are charged with committing serious crimes against the safety of people and property in traffic, while the three employees of the technical inspection station, Igor Gjorgjievski, Goran Dukovski and Jane Bovarski, are charged with complicity in the same crime.

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