New 2023 began with humanity and kindness: Another liver, kidney and bone tissue transplant was performed in Skopje Clinics


The country has started the new 2023 with another liver, kidney and bone tissue transplant.

Early this morning, the so-called harvesting of the organs began at the Surgical Clinics, after on Tuesday afternoon the family of a patient with brain inactivity gave their consent for donation.

Their desire to give someone life and health, today resulted in the transplantation of a liver, two kidneys and bone tissues. Thanks to the family on my behalf and on behalf of all the teams that worked and continue to work for the past 24 hours, noted the Macedonian Minister of Health, Dr. BekimSali.

At the same time, the minister expressed his gratitude to all the medical teams who worked for the past hours on the preparation of the donor, the recipients and in the operating rooms.


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