DUI’s “fire group” support Ahmeti, but warn against unfulfilled promises


The deputy leader of DUI and one of the leaders of the so-called “fire group” IzetMaxhiti from Skopje Studenichani told the party leader Ali Ahmeti last night that they were “with him”, but they still demanded changes in the executive power, highlighting the dissatisfaction with the results of the work of the party staff in it.

The “fire group” once again expressed their dissatisfaction at a press conference before the New Year, because according to them, there have been no changes in the executive power, despite the analysis of the work of the ministers, which showed that only 2 percent of DUI’s projects and pre-election promises have been implemented, from last night in Studenicani they started with meetings with the base.

Mexhiti pointed out to the audience that the performance of the executive power in the last two years is very weak in the main areas that are essential for Albanian citizens, starting with capital investments, education, road infrastructure, ecology, etc.

“The RNM government has almost half of the Albanian ministers, holds 80 percent of the economic departments, and still manages to materialize only 2 percent success in the Albanian zones. Albanian staff manages the Directorate for Roads, while all investments are made in eastern Macedonia, and only dreams and promises are made in the Albanian part. Look at the road to Blace, Kichevo-Ohrid or Corridor 8. Only promises. I said this also in the Parliament, less photo ops, more work,” said Mexhiti.


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