PPO files criminal charges against Zhan Mitrev and his clinic


The Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office-Skopje filed an indictment against Dr. Zhan Mitrev and his clinic of the same name. According to the indictment, it is a crime of “fraud”, for which a prison sentence of 1 to 10 years is foreseen. This was announced at today’s briefing at the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

On last night’s interview with TV Telma’s “Top Tema” show, Mitrev said that he was innocent, that he had not deceived anyone, and that the patients made deposits knowingly of their own free will. For all services not performed, as he said, the funds were returned to their account.

In August, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office-Skopje opened an investigation into the fraud of patients in the private clinic “Zhan Mitrev”, and the owner of the private clinic was summoned for questioning in connection with the treatment of patients with the hemofiltration method. In order to prevent Zhan Mitrev from leaving the country, the Skopje Prosecutor’s Office submitted a proposal to the Basic Court Skopje 1 to confiscate his passport.


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