Stoilkovski: Kovachevski and SDS must reveal what agenda and plan developed at the Tirana meeting they got on the table


Dimitar Kovachevski praising the Tirana meeting is a confirmation of everything we said! The Prime Minister brags that the leaders of political parties meet, as students write down assignments from the Prime Minister of a neighboring country. A prime minister of a normal country would condemn such behavior, Kovachevski praised it because it is about interest in money and saving his political career, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press conference on Thursday.

Stoilkovski added that Kovachevski and SDS must reveal to the public what agenda and plan developed at this meeting they got on the table for continuing the agony and sinking of Macedonia?

“Decisions about Macedonia must be made in Macedonia and after the change of government this practice will stop, for Macedonia to decide outside of Macedonia,” stressed opposition spokesperson Stoilkovski.

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