The World Bank notes the lowest GDP growth for Macedonia in the region, Kosovo and BiH are ahead of our country


Again a new international report and again Macedonia is nailed to the bottom. According to the report on global perspectives of the World Bank, GDP for 2022 Macedonia is ranked last in the region with 2.1% GDP.

All countries from the region are ranked ahead of Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE announced. The highest is Croatia with 6.6% GDP, then Montenegro with 5.9%, then Bosnia with 4%, Albania with 3.5%, Kosovo with 3.1% and Serbia with 2.5%.

“The lack of real measures, but also belated measures for the economy in this year of crises, the weak implementation of capital investments are a complete failure of this incompetent government and lead to the lowest percentage of GDP. Crime and corruption in the country are the real reason for the decrease in foreign direct investments,” said the largest opposition party.



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