Mexhiti: DUI ministers do not have the legitimacy of the citizens


The deputy leader of DUI, Izet Mexhiti, told TV21 that two years ago he voted for this government only because of Ali Ahmeti. According to Mexhiti, the executive authority of DUI does not have the legitimacy of the citizens.
“This government was formed two years ago and since then I have been expressing my criticism of this executive power and I publicly said before the assembly that I will vote for this government only because of Ali Ahmeti and because of European integrations. In principle, I was against it, the votes on the ground were gathered with Ali Ahmeti, and this executive authority did not face the citizens, so it has no legitimacy among the citizens. Also, this executive authority has not passed the filters of the party bodies, i.e. in the general council,” said Mexhiti.

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