Almost 300,000 citizens have life insurance, more than EUR 25 million invested


The continuous growth of the mass of investments in risk life insurance, which does not have a savings component and is usually a security for bank loans to insured persons – natural persons, continues. As announced by the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA), for the first nine months of last year, citizens invested 13.4 million euros in insurance with a savings component, and 6.7 million euros in risk insurance.
A total of 297,559 citizens insured their lives as of the end of September 2022. MKD 1.56 billion (25.4 million euros) were invested in life insurance for this period.
The number of policyholders who have life insurance as of the third quarter of 2022 has grown by almost 55,000, i.e. 22.5 percent for a period of one year.

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