Does Kovachevski’s government knowingly enable prison breaks, the opposition asks


With the SDSM and DUI in power, the Macedonian reality turned into a crime movie, and the latest scandal with the escape of the prisoner from the Idrizovo prison shows that the prison system in the country is also collapsing, and this case only showed that the administration in this sector is also filled with partisans. soldiers of the criminal partners of the two ruling parties and that is why such escapes happen, said VMRO-DPMNE in a press release on Tuesday.
“Exactly the shift commander in the Idrizovo prison, Srdjan Dimitrievski and the prison policeman Idriz Asani, the two responsible at the time of the escape, are prominent members of SDS and DUI and close to high government officials. Did someone take a bribe and help the prisoner escape? Apart from these employees in the prison administration and the government, are there bigger fish who should be held accountable for the escape?,” asked the largest opposition party.

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