Police officer testifies that he was assaulted by the intoxicated Kriva Palanka mayor


The police officer from Kriva Palanka, Kristofer Stoevski claims in a Facebook post that on the night of January 13 he was physically assaulted by the mayor of the municipality. Namely, as Stoevski claims, the mayor of Kriva Palanka slapped him twice.
“On 13.01.2023, i.e. after midnight around 01:50 (according to the date already 14.01.2023) after the end of a party at Ethno Gostilnica Vodenica 3, I, Kristofer Stoevski, working as a police officer at the Kriva Palanka Ministry of Interior, left the bar with his girlfriend. After leaving, 50 meters from the entrance, a collision occurs between 2 vehicles, one owned by an employee of SELECT CAFE.Because the cars were damaged on the road, traffic was at a standstill for ONLY a few minutes, so VISIBLY upset and in a VISIBLY INTOXICATED state, KRIVA PALANKA’S MAYOR- S.M. approaches and from nowhere, he attacks me with 2 slaps because I was waiting with the car on the road, which is in accordance with the legal regulations that one should not move a vehicle during an accident”, said Stanoevski in a Facebook post on Tuesday

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