Kovachki tells Ahmeti: Which Macedonians offered you the division of Macedonia, Ljubcho or SDS?


Facebook post by VMRO-DPMNE MP Dragan Kovachki:

From Ali Ahmeti’s appearances before his membership, we see again that when the issues of fighting corruption are raised and when it is obvious that the time has finally come to put an end to the looting and humiliation of Macedonia and the Macedonians, he opens topics that are national-romantic and they do not bring any progress to the country.

Ahmeti speaks again about the military conflict in 2001 and admits that the Macedonian side was the one that offered him the partition of Macedonia, but since he was devoted to Macedonia, he did not accept the partition. (?!) Here is a question that Ahmeti has to answer: Who is he from the Macedonian side who offered to divide the state, his coalition partner LjubchoGeorgievski or the other coalition partner – SDS?


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