Stoilkovski: When the AA promises constitutional changes without asking the people that is called lying


VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovskipointed out at a press conference on Wednesday thatTaravari decided to be a sparring partner of Kovachevski and Ahmeti according to his interests, but politics was not conducted by lying.

“When the Alliance of Albanians promises constitutional changes without asking the people, it is called lying. It is also a lie when Taravari becomes the mayor of Gostivar with VMRO-DPMNE votes, and then runs to enter the DUI/SDS government. And of course it is a lie when Taravari says that an “international factor” required him to join the government, and when you ask him what that factor is, he avoids answering. “Not because there is such a factor that requires it from him, but because according to the interests of Taravari, he decided to be the sparring partner of Kovachevski and Ahmeti, politics is not conducted by lying,” stressed Stoilkovski.

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