Analytica Think Tank: 57.9 percent of men and 39 percent of women smoke cigarettes in Macedonia


The Republic of Macedonia is among the top 10 countries in the world based on the prevalence of smoking and the total number of cigarettes smoked per day per smoker. Analytics data show that the prevalence of smoking in the country is 48.4%. For comparison, in European countries the prevalence of smoking is much lower – the EU average is 29%. In Sweden it is 8.7%, in Greece and Bulgaria 27%.

Analytica Think tank, along with the University of Illinois at Chicago, in 2020 conducted a large regional survey on the use of tobacco in the country and the region. This is one of the first studies in Macedonia that provides comprehensive information on the use of tobacco, i.e. cigarettes.

“The analyzes show that almost half of the adults in the Republic of Macedonia (48.4 percent) currently use tobacco. Prevalence (the total number of smokers) is 57.9 percent among men and 39.0 percent among women. The number of smokers increases with age, reaching its peak at 45-54 years (60.1 percent for smokers on a daily basis),” explains Analytica’s Tamara Mijovikj-Spasova. She added that the country is the leader in the region in terms of cigarette consumption at the lowest price and very little is being done to overcome the smoking problem, whether it is legal solutions, raising excise taxes or campaigns to raise public awareness.



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