NBRM: Housing loans went up by 12.7 percent last year


Annual growth of 4.9 percent of total deposits and of 9.4 percent of total credit support in December 2022, the National Bank registered. On an annual basis, total deposits recorded a growth of 4.9 percent, in conditions of an increase in deposits in both sectors, informed the Bank on Friday.

On an annual basis, total loans increased by 9.4 percent. The annual growth is due to the higher crediting of both sectors, which is more pronounced in the corporate sector.

In December, according to the purpose of loans granted to individuals, consumer and housing loans are the most common. The annual growth rate for consumer loans is 6.3 percent, while for residential loans 12.7 percent. Vehicle loans on an annual level increased by 9.1 percent. Loans approved on credit cards increased by 0.7 percent, while achieving an annual growth of 1 percent.


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