Taravari: If there isn’t a majority of 80 MPs, it’s not worth expanding the Government


The party leader of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari said before the beginning of the Central Assembly of the party in Kumanovo, if the necessary numbers for constitutional amendments are not reached, it is not worth expanding the parliamentary majority. He rejected the rumors about the division of departments and said that until now there is no concrete proposal from PM Kovachevski for the inclusion of AA in the Government.

“Personally, I think that If there isn’t a majority of 80 MPs, it’s not worth expanding the Government.. But I say that there are things that can help even with the expansion of the Government. I think I will reveal all the facts and arguments that I have before the members of the Parliament, to discuss and decide together,” Taravari said.

Taravari confirmed that on Friday evening he met with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, with whom he discussed the necessary number of deputies for the constitutional amendments. He said that in the coming days, he will also meet with the leaders of other Albanian parties.

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