Who would have believed 20 years ago that we would have Albanians for Parliament Speaker and ministers of defense and foreign affairs, says Ahmeti


The leader of the ruling party Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Ali Ahmeti, accompanied by the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, the First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, ministers, deputy ministers, director as well as other associates, on Monday evening continued the meetings with citizens and party activists in the city of Tetovo, specifically in Golema and Mala Rechica 1 and 2, Tekje, Sonchev breg and Van Vardarska.
“I carefully followed the interlocutors and noticed that there was no skepticism in their words, and here I can say that I also do not have skepticism and I do not feel skeptic nor do I feel fear, because who would have believed twenty years ago that you would have an Albanian defense minister, a president of Parliament, Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs who chairs the OSCE. Why should we say that we will not be successful? Because we should not make daily policies, but long-term policies, well thought out and for the benefit of the citizens. We should not be afraid when the Albanians are on our side, therefore we should move forward together, because the Bulgarian and Montenegrin minorities do not pose any danger if they are represented in the Constitution of North Macedonia. Nothing bad happened either with the Ohrid Framework Agreement or with the Albanian language, on the contrary, the Albanians became more loyal to their country. Today, Albanians feel at home and in their own country,” said Ahmeti.

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