We are the only ones in the region who have shown the capacity for compromise on difficult issues, Pendarovski claims


The past period for N. Macedonia was filled with great challenges and unprincipled attacks on the identity parameters that perhaps, on a verbal level, only Ukraine has faced in the recent history of Europe. Even in such conditions, we showed maturity, making decisions for which we knew we would be criticized by part of the public, said Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, at the traditional annual reception for representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the country.
“Without false modesty, so far we are the only ones in the region who have shown a capacity for compromise on difficult issues and that when we say that we believe in the values of democracy, it is not just rhetoric for us, and at least weakness. Through those compromises, we became a member of NATO and opened the first phase of negotiations with the EU,” Pendarovski pointed out.

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