Citizens with blockades and night watch will try to prevent Bulgarians from coming to Goce Delchev’s grave


Bulgarian citizens will come to Skopje on February 4 in an organized manner to pay their respects before the grave of Goce Delchev. A call has been published on social media for citizens to block the Kumanovo-Skopje toll road that day in order to prevent them.

“Calling all patriots! Come with trucks, tractors, cars and other machinery and support the protest. Citizens of Kumanovo – we invite you to block the toll road towards Skopje at 9 am. Let’s not allow the Bulgarian neo-Nazis to spit on the memory of the great Goce Delchev,” reads the announcement.

On the eve of the celebration of the birth of Goce Delchev, Skopje and Sofia assure that they want to reduce the tension in relations, but each of the parties looks at the events that led to it from their own perspective.


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