Due to lack of judges, one third of the criminal cases in Prilep are facing statute of limitations


The situation in the Prilep judiciary is alarming due to the lack of judges. Six judges do all the work, and soon only four judges will remain. Although there is a delegated judge from Resen, no one is able to solve all the cases and a third, mostly criminal ones, are faced with statute of limitations.
According to Zharko Stevanoski, president of the Bar Association in Prilep, judges and citizens are in an extremely unfavorable and unfair situation.
“The situation is alarming. On the one hand, the Judicial Council is forced to act according to the criteria of the European Commission, and on the other hand, the courts are faced with an extensive number of cases and a lack of staff. The situation in the Prilep basic court is the most alarming,” said Stevanoski.

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