Politicians from Bulgaria deliberately provoke, but we are obliged to protect our dignity, says Marichikj


The spirit of the Treaty with Bulgaria is that we build friendship and that we respect each other. Our politicians, especially the officials, the state, the Government are certainly correct and were not the cause of provocation”, said the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj in an interview with TV Telma.

“However, the statements made by Dzhambazki, the statements of other politicians, such as Kostadinov, by the way, are not as popular in Bulgaria as they are here. For example, Kostadinov, I don’t know why, no media in N. Macedonia reported that they call him Kostya Kopeikin in Bulgaria. As an allusion to the Russian influence in his political activity. We have political factors that deliberately provoke Macedonians and North Macedonia in order to provoke our reaction. We are obliged to protect our dignity. In doing so, it is possible to preserve our dignity and build friendship,” said Marichikj.

“What, unfortunately, in my opinion is a major and key mistake on the part of Bulgaria, was Petkov’s visit to the opening of the Vancho Mihailov club. That was the turning point that took things in the wrong direction. Otherwise, I think that until then we had serious results that changed the perception of Bulgaria in North Macedonia and vice versa and brought the peoples and governments closer together so that they could solve problems that are of vital importance”, added Marichikj.

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