Gjorge Ivanov addresses the World Forum for Democracy & Peace in Berlin


The general conclusion of all annual reports and democracy indices for 2022 is that the world is becoming less democratic. Democracy is facing decline everywhere, and autocracy is on the rise, said the former president of the country Gjorge Ivanov in his address at the World Forum for Democracy and Peace 2023 held in Berlin.
Ivanov is one of the participants of the forum, in addition to the large number of former presidents, prime ministers and politicians. He addressed the main topic “Increasing Threats to Democracy Around the World”, but he specifically addressed the topic of his presentation “Survival of Democracy”.
“Democracy is on the decline everywhere, while autocracy is on the rise. On a global level, the number of countries moving towards authoritarianism, in the last six years, is twice the number of countries moving towards democracy. Civil liberties and the rule of law are deteriorating, and authoritarian governments are becoming more and more repressive,” Ivanov pointed out and stressed that the world is facing multiple crises at the same time, starting from the rise in the cost of living to the risk of a nuclear conflict.

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