“Detektor”: Citizens don’t trust the justice system – 75 percent believe that the laws do not apply equally to everyone


Two-thirds of the citizens do not believe that a fair and just trial can be obtained in the country, and nearly three-quarters are of the opinion that the law does not apply equally to everyone, according to the latest poll conducted for “Detektor” by the Institute for Political Research – Skopje.

According to her, 65.7% of citizens are of the opinion that a fair and just trial cannot be obtained in North Macedonia, while 19.3% are convinced in the opposite.

Macedonians and ethnic Albanians see this issue completely differently, although they mostly agree that a fair trial cannot be obtained. However, while this view is shared by 73.2% of Macedonians, “only” 42% of Albanians believe that you cannot get a fair trial, in contrast to 32.7% who are of the opinion that you can be tried in a fair procedure in Macedonia. This percentage among ethnic Macedonians has dropped to only 14.8%.

Of the surveyed citizens, 73.9% say that in the country the law does not apply equally to everyone, while only 17.3% see indiscriminate justice.

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