Doctors to stage a protest on Wednesday if there are no salaries by Monday


If they don’t get their January salaries on Monday, the health workers from the “Mother Teresa” Clinical Center announced that they will go on a protest on Wednesday. Does this created situation with the blocking of the HIF system reflect on the health of the citizens? The vice president of the “Mother Teresa” Clinical Center Union Sefedin Aliu believes that without a salary, doctors do not have the same motivation for work.

“Of course, the services are provided by health workers, and when those workers do not have a living, all of this has a negative impact on daily services, patients suffer, we are sorry,” said Aliu.

“The economic and social situation in healthcare is very difficult, says the Vice President of the Union. Doctors face problems in prescribing therapies and scheduling surgical interventions, but they still try to do their job because patients are the ones who pay for health insurance,” Aliu added.

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