Union of the Ministry of Finance announces a strike if the salaries of the employees are not increased


The union of the employees of the Ministry of Finance said that it expresses great regret regarding the recent developments with the increase of salaries and that, if the salaries of all employees of the Ministry are not increased, the employees will go on mass strikes.

“The Law on budgets was adopted with political consensus, which provides for a 30% increase in the salaries of all employees in the Ministry. The Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi claims that the increase is only for the Department of Budgets, and not for everyone. This is a huge scandal and behind the eyes of the public, without consultation with the employees and the unions, they want to cut the raise that we are legally entitled to. The provision of Art. 66 of the Law is clear and provides for an increase in the salaries of all employees,” this union said.

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