Four markets did not comply with the government’s decisions on price freezes, says SMI


Out of more than 250 inspections, the State Market Inspectorate of the Republic of N. Macedonia (SMI) determined that four entities did not comply with the Government’s latest decisions on freezing the prices of certain food products.

As informed today by the head of the State Market Inspectorate, Goran Trajkovski, the abovementioned is an economic entity in Ohrid, which sold bread at a price higher than that determined in the decision to accelerate the price of bread to 33 denars, as well as three economic entities from Ohrid, Bitola and Kichevo, which did not comply with the decision to reduce the prices of pasta and dairy products. After the entry into force of the last decision, that is, in the last two days, more than 250 inspections were carried out in the entire territory. From the inspections, it has been established that the decisions are respected, except for four economic entities, for which violation payment orders in the value of over MKD 1,120,000 have been issued,” said Trajkovski.

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