Macedonia with SDSM and Kovachevski is progressing economically and politically, a factor of stability in the Balkans, says ruling party


With SDSM and party leader Dimitar Kovachevski, North Macedonia is progressing both economically and politically, the ruling party announced.

“From a country that, during the time of VMRO-DPMNE, was at odds with its neighbors, forgotten and isolated from the international community, Macedonia now represents a factor of stability in the Balkans.

Our country has arranged internal relations at the highest possible level and has resolved open issues with its neighbors, added the ruling party.

“We are a NATO member country, a country that negotiates with the EU, a country that presides over the largest regional security organization, the OSCE, and a country where the agreements signed within the framework of the Berlin process between the countries of the Western Balkans were deposited,” said SDSM.

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