ПОЛИЦИЈА – POLICIA – POLICE: Police uniforms are now trilingual


The Decree on the uniform and insignia of the police uniform, which the Government adopted a year ago on the basis of the Law on the use of languages, enters into force in the capital Skopje and in other municipalities where at least 20 percent of citizens from the communities live.

“In the City of Skopje, in the municipalities in the City of Skopje and in the municipalities in which at least 20% of the citizens speak an official language other than the Macedonian language, the markings on the basic uniform are: inscription “ПОЛИЦИЈА” “POLICIA” “POLICE”, inscription “СООБРАЌАЈНА ПОЛИЦИЈА” ” POLICIA E TRAFIKUT” “TRAFFIC POLICE”, emblem “ПОЛИЦИЈА” “POLICIA” “POLICE”, emblem “ГРАНИЧНА ПОЛИЦИЈА” “POLICIA KUFITARE” “BORDER POLICE”, emblem in the form of a shield with reduced dimensions and a metal hat tag,” reads the Decree.



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