PPO to determine how Elektra Solutions, which did not have a license when the tender for supervision was announced and won it, is charging the largest part of the cake to the Consortium


How is it possible for a company like Elektra Solutions, which did not even have a supervision license when the 22 million euro tender was opened, to form a Consortium, win the tender and collect most of the cake, if there are no other things that are not known to the public, asked MP from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE Bojan Stojanoski.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office must open a procedure and determine how Elektra Solutions, which applies for a supervision license in the middle of a public call for tenders, and receives it in just 5 days, manages to win the tender?, said Stojanoski, and added that the PPO was expected to muster its courage and launch an investigation.

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