Survey: VMRO-DPMNE has a 25 percent higher rating than SDSM and DUI combined


Macedonia is predominantly prepared for elections, with clear views regarding the government and the opposition, and dissatisfied with the current government, regardless of the ethnicity of the respondents and the public. On the order of portal, the survey was conducted by IPIS Skopje, which shows that the rating of the ruling parties SDSM and DUI continues to decline.

The announced option that, due to the drop in ratings, SDSM and DUI could participate in a pre-election coalition in the next elections, according to the citizens of Macedonia, is not a winning combination for them. On the contrary, even if they perform together, the opposition VMRO DPMNE has almost a 25% higher rating than the ruling coalition.

Should the presidential elections be held together with the parliamentary elections, since they are close to the regular dates, or should voting be done separately for the Parliament and the president of the state as planned by SDSM and DUI? The poll overwhelmingly says that both votes should be held on the same day.

The results of the poll on this question say that more than half, or 50.9%, think that Macedonia is going in the wrong direction, and an additional 13.7% think that the country is going in a somewhat wrong direction, which, together, means that almost two-thirds, or 64, 6% of citizens think that Macedonia has a wrong government policy.


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