Austrian President: Don’t dramatize the constitutional amendments


The President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen, at the joint press conference with his host the President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski, was asked if he would convince the VMRO-DPMNE to vote for constitutional amendments that would include the Bulgarian minority in the Constitution. He replied that he will not interfere in internal political relations, but he believes that the parliament will seriously consider this issue.
“This new momentum of the acceleration and the strengthened interest of the EU should be used, so as not to lose time. Today in the Parliament of North Macedonia I will give a speech and in this situation I will ask all the parliamentary groups with a very deep thinking to act on this issue and think about what is at risk in the long term, bearing in mind that the protection of minorities in North Macedonia anyway is something that goes without saying, so this next step should not be dramatized, in my opinion,” Van der Bellen said at the joint press conference with Pendarovski

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