Slight increase of fuel prices starting Thursday midnight


As of Thursday midnight, the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services Macedonia passed a Decision increasing the retail prices of petroleum products by an average of 0.59 percent compared to the decision of March 27, 2023.
As of 31.3.2023, the maximum prices of petroleum products will be:

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 95 82.00 (denars/liter)

Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS – 98 84.50 (denars/liter)

Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (D-E V) 73.00 (denars/liter)

Fuel oil Extra light 1 (EL-1) 72.00 (denars/liter)

Fuel M-1 NS 37,739 (denars/kilogram)

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