Pendarovski will get a pay bump of MKD 72,500, Kovachevski of MKD 50,000, and Bytyqi will get MKD 55,863 more!


Neither the crisis nor inflation bother Macedonian civil servants after the last decision of the Constitutional Court, with which their salaries will increase by an incredible 78% on average.

So, from the first of this month, the President, who has the highest salary in the country, will receive an increase of MKD 72,500 and his salary from about 93,000 will jump to over MKD 165,000.

The ministers and the prime minister will line their pockets with much more money. Their salaries of about MKD 65,000 will now jump by an additional MKD 50,000 and from the first we will transfer plus EUR 2000 to their accounts every month.

The MPs will also get an increase, who on top of his current salary of about 60,000 denars will receive another 700 euros per month and will take home a salary higher than EUR 1,700.

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